Donnerstag, August 01, 2013

Alternative to Acrobat Professional!

Well, I've been looking for a pdf editor to do a fairly simple task: Just adding small text elements and rotate them in various degrees. To do this it's waste of money to pay more than 600€ for Acrobat Professional.
After testing almost every pdf editor tool in the world wide web I was so relieved to finally find Infix PDF editor! It's beautifully designed, intuitive to use and (!!!) there are shortcuts! I love using shortcuts and just pressing "t" vor text tool, "r" for rotate and "v" for placing your objects - wonderful!!
You should really try this. Apart from my simple task, Infix is a extremely powerful tool with hundrets of features - and it comes in three versions (free version, standard and professional), so there should be one version that fits best to you!