Donnerstag, November 23, 2006

Free Speedpainting

I tried to paint a motive without reference - but after one and a half hours I lost patience. Spent too much time on finding the motive and the shapes.
For now I'm quite satisfied with the light situation but couldn't add more details. I've got to get faster.

Montag, November 20, 2006

Sketch Round III

This week's topic was painting an white egg either in an existing photograph or paint the motiv of the photo plus painting an egg in it. We practiced with that to recognize colours and use them to combine a photograph with and imaginative object.

I chose to use the 30 minutes we had to concentrate only on the egg and painted one in the photo.
That's how it looks like:

Sonntag, November 19, 2006

Nice Try, Noob...

Goro told me to also post the speed paintings I did without a photo reference. Ok, here you go. I did this on 08.Nov.2006. As you can easily see I should continue to look at photos because I just totally forgot the right colours to use :-)

I will.


Also found in Croatia this summer. Here I practiced the colours of bright day. Done on 18.Nov.2006
This one took me about 1,5h.

Samstag, November 18, 2006

The green Door

In September I've been in Croatia where I started to take pictures of green doors :-) This one (18.Nov.2006) I used as sample to practice shadow colours.

Autumn at Asperg

This is the view out of my window. It's so beautyful in autumn. The painting (15.Nov.2006) took me around 45 minutes.

Sketch Round II

Like every Monday we do 30min sketches at the filmakademie sketch round. This one was on 13.Nov.2006


Also on 08.Nov.2006 I did this fast one, I wanted to get the colours for hazy autumn atmosphere. As you can see, I missed the right colours completely, but it looks nice anyways.

It's snow!

Also done on 08.Nov.2006


With this one (08.Nov.2006) I tried to get the colors for subsurface scattering, when the sun shines through skin or other translucent objects. It's bright red :-)

Barn - sketch round

This one I painted in Photoshop (06.Nov.2006) with the photo next to the painting, by not using the eye dropper :-)
This painting I did at the Sketch Round at the Filmakademie made me buy a Wacom Graphire4 (A5) immediately afterwards.