Sonntag, Oktober 28, 2007

11 Second Club

finished my submission to the 11 Second Club (
I think I've learned a lot during the 8 days I've animated on it, and I surely will participate on the November's 11secondclub competition!

AnimationRound yesterday

Yesterday at the AnimationRound we animated a guy punching another. We animated 4 hours and that's what I achieved.

Mittwoch, Oktober 17, 2007

It's - an Orange!

today a quick 20min-Speedpainting from a picture I found on the AI-Server at the Filmakademie. Training for SubSurfaceScattering :-)

Montag, Oktober 15, 2007

Woman Speed

Not really a speed painting, it took a bit more than an hour I think I tried to match the skin colors.

Color Test - CUBES

I did this little color test to try out an easy way to pick the right colors for light and shadow. In Photoshop I picked a yellowish green from exactly the middle of the color choser (HSB-Color-Field), that would be my middle color of the foreground cube. Then I picked a color from above that, a saturated green for the light.
For the shadow side I picked a color down-and-left from the middle color.

The same for the background cube. Middle color something more desaturated, for the light side a color above that, for the dark side a color below the middle color.

The shadow is a darker color, below the middle and more to the grey-side.

Half-sunken House SpeedPaint

I'm back! In this 30min-Speedpaint we chose an easy motive and finally I've got the colors right again.

House Speedpainting

This Speed Painting Round we painted a motive out of a Disney movie. My intern color detector is still a bit rusty, so I didn't match the colors very good.