Montag, April 16, 2007


My cute little brother asked me to paint a "Ohrwurm" for him (in English it would be a catchy tune, the German translation is Ear-Worm). So here you go, hope you like it, Roli :-)

Kitsch Landscape

This Monday's sketch round we painted a free painting. Subject was "Kitsch, morning mood, a landscape with a river and a bridge".

Sonntag, April 15, 2007

Sam Toft imitate

Recently I arranged my flat and bought a print collection of Sam Toft (an Artist who lives in Brighton with his rabbit Sweet Pea and his dog Moses .-) ). I liked the drawing style very much and tried it myself. Unfortunately it is more a copy of a motive (although I drew it from memory) than a copy of the certain style (what I actually intended to achieve), but I think I will get further with it.

Robot Moods VI

Here is a painting of the end of the short. Both the hero and the antagonist are sitting besides each others and are unable to move. But they are blinking furiously at each other, until their energy decreases and the glowing gets darker and both shapes are black and identical.

Samstag, April 14, 2007

Robot Moods V

Here's a morning Mood, the sun is about to rise, our Main Character is waiting to charge his batteries with his solar panels.

Robot Moods IV

This is the main character again, this time quite close to the (current) final design, Max Lang developed.
The world is deserted, with some metal junk and old mechanic pieces around.

Robot Moods III

Here the bad guy appears behind the main character.
This was a quick painting and I didn't bother integrating the bad guy in the picture. So the colours don't match very well.

Robot Moods II

In this picture I tried some designs on the main character (sitting on the stone) and a small windmill-character.

Robot Moods I

For our next project at the Filmakademie I did several Mood Paintings. The Story is about Robots in a post-human world...

Sketch Round - Highlands

This weeks Sketch Round I painted this picture in 30 minutes.