Samstag, Januar 20, 2007

Sketchround V

15. Jan 2007
I finally made it to the sketch round again! This time I painted a skull from reference as usually in 30min.

Here you go:

What's that?

23. Dez 2006
Another practice piece. I just started to test some brushes and added some colors - and this is what came out. Don't know what it is, maybe a gate to another world, but I like the colors...

Really fast landscape

23. Dez 2006
Here I just tried to get the colors of a landscape with hazy atmosphere right. About 10min I guess.

In the woods

23. Dez 2006
Here's a free painting. Time about 30min. As you can see, anatomy isn't my thing :-) and I didn't focus on that for this painting.

Sketchround IV

12. Dez. 2006
This time we looked at a picture of a cat for about two minutes and then painted it from memory. This is what came out...

Pretty creepy.