Sonntag, November 25, 2007

AnimationRound06 - Sports

This time we animated a tennis player.

Took about 4 hours.

High Resolution klick here.

Sonntag, November 18, 2007

AnimRound05 - Door

This week's AnimationRound we opened doors.

about 3-4 hours, I didn't clean the curves or movements up, but you can see what I intended to animate :-)

Sonntag, November 11, 2007

Forgot the homework

The homework for the animation round was "A guy throws a ball or sphere or whatever".

I wanted to try, how it looked if the guy throws the ball and the moment he lets the ball go, not the ball is thrown away but him!

Didn't work out that good, but funny anyways.

AnimationRound03 - sitting down

my newest short animation test, a guy sitting down and standing up again.

direct link
(800x600 Pixel for you pixel-lovers)

Or the embedded one here:

Took about 4 hours yesterday for animating plus one or two hours tweaking today.

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Samstag, November 03, 2007


Sorry for not posting any new speedpaintings... But Haven't got time for it... Animation was more fun and here's my newest speed-animation piece... About 4 hours for the hammering guy.

Clich here for the HighQuality Version: high Quality