Montag, März 26, 2007

Sketch Round

In today's sketch round we all painted this kitsch. Except for the anatomy (gosh- I HAVE to practice more anatomy!!) I matched the photograph quite well. A bit too saturated, but at least constant all over the picture.

In the Woods

For this 30min Speedpainting I grabbed a frame out of "Lost". I'm quite satisfied with the colors and because there is no perspective and anatomy I matched the picture quite well :-) Ok, I left out the people...

Donnerstag, März 22, 2007

Landscape, 30min

21. March 2007
Because I noticed that I need much more practice on painting landscapes, I captured a frame out of "Bandidas" (with the so sweet Penelope Cruz). And this is what came out. 30 minutes.
Trees too green, Background not detailed enough.

Montag, März 19, 2007

Speedpainting 30min (IV)

Finally a human eye. I think I've matched the colors quite good.

Speedpainting 30min (III)

Kinda freeky looking cat, the eyes are too close. And some other stuff isn't right. But I'm satisfied with the nose and the eyes though :-)

Speedpainting 30min (II)

The second one, a horse's eye. 30 minutes.

Speedpainting 30min (I)

This week's speedpainting session: Eyes!
The first attempt, a frog's eye.

Landscape IV

And another one. Kind of post-civilization city besides a river with lots of fog and mood.

Landscape III

My new custom Brush "Rock-Brush" in action :-) This picture is best when watched from faaar away...

Landscape II

Another try with custom brushes. Not finished, because I had a new idea and left this painting unfinished :-)

Landscape I

I played around with creating custom brushes in Photoshop and this is what came out. Speedpainting, maybe an hour of time.

Montag, März 12, 2007

Chicken II

11. March 2007
I did the chicken again, because I thought that 5 hours where definitely too long and I could do it much faster.
So I gave myself an hour and painted the chicken again. This is what came out. A speedpainting...

Chicken I

10. March 2007
Finally I did another painting. This one took really long. The first one hour or so I needed for the sketching and getting the shapes and proportions right.
For the lighting reference I painted the mirror sphere, which made it easier to understand how the light hit the surface of the chicken.
The next 4 hours I did the coloring and fine tuning... Much too long...