Donnerstag, August 01, 2013

Alternative to Acrobat Professional!

Well, I've been looking for a pdf editor to do a fairly simple task: Just adding small text elements and rotate them in various degrees. To do this it's waste of money to pay more than 600€ for Acrobat Professional.
After testing almost every pdf editor tool in the world wide web I was so relieved to finally find Infix PDF editor! It's beautifully designed, intuitive to use and (!!!) there are shortcuts! I love using shortcuts and just pressing "t" vor text tool, "r" for rotate and "v" for placing your objects - wonderful!!
You should really try this. Apart from my simple task, Infix is a extremely powerful tool with hundrets of features - and it comes in three versions (free version, standard and professional), so there should be one version that fits best to you!

Montag, April 12, 2010

Pig papercraft

Hello Folks,
couple of months ago I created a papercraft model, this little piggy!

Here at the Filmakademie we have this fancy new 3D printer, so I also printed it from my original 3D model. Have a look.

If you want this sweet always good-tempered piggy too, you can build it yourself! I offer it here at Dawanda or just write me a message and I send you the pdf (for a few $ or €) so you could print it out and start cutting and glueing :-)


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Dienstag, Januar 12, 2010


I just invented this word. It's when snow is falling in quite small flocks. You could say "Its schniebeling" :-)
It could also be a mix between snowing and raining.

Because Google does not return any results I want to post this beautiful word here and wait how long it takes google to find it.

Cheers Wolf

[edit] Almost immediately this article could be found in google. Maybe it's because belongs to google?

Dienstag, Januar 13, 2009

Demo Reel Online


Here's my brand new Demo Reel online :-)

Dienstag, Juli 22, 2008

Mobile Toy Test

Did a quick rig-test for Verena Fels' diploma project. A Toy-Mobile! Was really fun and I'm excited to animate a few shots for her when all rigs are ready.

Montag, Juli 21, 2008

Where the hell is Broccoli


Currently I'm animating for the Cartoon Forum Trailer, here at the Filmakademie. For an additional shot I animated this shot, a dancing broccoli monster.
As reference I watched "Where the hell is Matt" :-)

Dienstag, Juli 08, 2008


Please click on the picture to see the full resolution.
In the Animation Worshop (Florian Wagner) we had to do a storyboad for "A person reads a news paper, sees something and gets very angry about it".
I recycled my character from "Frog in the Throat".

Animation practice Wave-Boat-Sack-Hat

In an animation workshop we did the classical "Wave-Boat-Sack-Hat" practice. Here's my interpretation.
Done in TV-Paint

Drawn Animation Test - Cat Walk

Finally I did a short drawn animation. Done in TV Paint which proved to be a very good program for me.
On this walk cycle I tested how the bouncing ball principle works with walk cycle. I chose a quadrupled creature with three bouncing balls (Head, shoulders, hip) and the wave principle in the tail.